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How to Login or Create a New Account

Goto "www.EdmoreStorage.com/login" or click Login
The following similar screen will appear.
Login Screen Paddy's Locks & Storage

If you're a new customer click the blue link "Not a customer yet? Rent Storage" located above the "Username" title box.
-Follow the online instructions to create your new account!  You'll need a valid email address.

If you're an existing customer enter your "Username" & "Password" then click "Log in".

If you forgot or want to change your password, click the blue "Forgot your password?" link below the red "Log in" button.
-Follow the online instructions to reset your password.  An email will be sent to you.

If you have troubles, please contact our office at (989) 427-5112 or select the menu option "Contact Us".

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          Renting Online

While online, you can easily do any of the following tasks:
       -Rent a Unit Now
       -Reserve a Unit for Later (If greater than 7 days, please call the office (989) 427-5112)
       -Add Your Name to a Waiting List

Step #1 Simply click on the Red Button "Rent Online Now! " located at the bottom of every screen

Step #2 Select the desired unit from the list (Sorted by Unit Size)
             Each Unit Number is Prefixed by either "PE", "PW", "PV" or "H"
             These designations are code for the physical locations
             See the Location Maps page for the location of each or here for More Information.

Step #3 Following the online registration process that will:
             -Open a new user account for you (If you are a new tenant)
             -Present you a copy of The Lease to be read & signed digitally
             -Email and / or text you a receipt and copy of The Lease

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How to Make a Payment

Online Payments
-From your cell phone or computer you can make a payment or setup recurring payments.
With recurring payments, late fees & padlocking your unit is avoided!
You can update or cancel your recurring payments at any time.
Contact our office for multi month prepayments & discounts!
-Click the "Make a Payment" button below or login to www.EdmoreStorage.com/login
Snail Mail
-All payments must be received on or before the due date each month to avoid late fees/padlocking.
-You can always mail a payment in the form of a check or money order.  Please do not mail cash.
-Include your unit number & the 1 or 2 letter designations preceding all unit numbers.
-Do not mail any payments to the physical address of your storage unit!
-The payment mailing address is:
Paddy's Locks & Storage
333 Colony Blvd, Suite #303
The Villages, FL  32162
Drop Slot
-We offer a convenient drop slot at our Paddy's East location during the spring, summer and fall only.
-All types of payments and from any of the Paddy's Locks & Storage facilities can be dropped off there.
-Give us a call and we'll tell you where to find this drop slot (989) 427-5112.
Types of Payments Accepted
-Master Card*
 -American Express*
-ACH Bank drafts**
 -Zelle (send via. EdmoreStorage@LAGMail.com)
-Money Orders (Include your unit number)
-Checks (Include your unit number)
-Cash if prearranged with our office
Payment receipts 
Sent via email or text message.  Snail mail payments are credited based on date received.

*  A nominal 4% processing fee will be added to your next billing cycle
**There is a $25.00 fee for bounced checks or declined ACH drafts

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Signing or Viewing Your Lease

Goto "www.EdmoreStorage.com/login " or click Login
Above the Billing History section click the blue link "Paddy's Locks & Storage Lease Agreement (Rx)"
You will then have the option to read, print or download the Lease anytime!
Please read The Lease carefully, some of the information automatically updates with special notices sent that affect units rented or price.

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Viewing Your Account Balance

Goto "www.EdmoreStorage.com/login " or click Login
This will take you to the main "Dashboard" screen.
You can always return to this screen by clicking "Dashboard" from the top menu.
There are two main sections highlighting your account balance details:
"Current Rentals" & "Billing History"
Details such as Next Bill due date, Price, Charges, Payments & Balance can be seen here!

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Editing Your User Profile

Login to your account at "www.EdmoreStorage.com/login" or click Login
Select "Edit Profile" from the upper menu bar right side.
The next screen shows all of the details you can update.
Some details can only be changed by our office, please call (989) 427-5112 or select the light blue link "Contact us".
You can also "Request Password Change" via the blue link above the red "Save" button.
DON'T FORGET to "Save" your updates!

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Know the location of Your Unit by the Unit #

Each Unit number is preceded by one or two letters, "PE", "PW", "PV" or "H"
We refer to the locations as follows:
PE => Paddy's East
PW => Paddy's West
PV => Paddy's Vestaburg
H => Heartland

PE115 would be unit # 115 at the Paddy's East location
PW035 would be unit # 35 at the Paddy's West location
PV015 would be unit #15 at the Paddy's Vestaburg location
H002 would be unit #2 at the Heartland Location

Physical address for each:
Paddy's East
1384 E. Main St.
Edmore, MI  48829
Rent Now at Paddy's East!

Paddy's West
1334 W. Howard City -Edmore Rd
Six Lakes, MI  48886
Rent Now at Paddy's West!

Paddy's Vestaburg
6390 Almy Rd
Vestaburg, MI  48891
7404 N. Sheridan Rd
Edmore, MI  48829
Rent Now at Paddy's Heartland!

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Do's & Don'ts


Ensure your door latch is secure in the locked position and lock it before leaving.
Use extreme caution during the winter months so as not to slip & fall on the ice!
Spreading a little sand in front of your door if there appears to be ice is recommended.
Sweep your unit clean when you move out.  You will forfeit your security deposit otherwise.
Avoid placing cardboard boxes, mattresses and alike. directly on the concrete.
Leave refrigerator & freezer doors open.
Ensure items such as washers have been properly drained / winterized.
Protect your belongings from rodents, we recommend deacon or sticky glue traps.
Report all notable issues, repairs, burned out lights, suspicious activities etc.
Close the Door & Shut the Hallway Lights Off when leaving the indoor storage buildings


Smoking is strictly prohibited at any of our facilities!
Store anything that is flammable.
Store anything that has the possibility of leaking or staining the concrete.
Store anything that is perishable or could cause orders.
Two locks on a door is prohibited, we will cut one off!
If using sand in front of your unit door, do not use an excessive amt, lightly sprinkle it only.
Leave ANYTHING behind when moving out.  Fees, fines, etc. will be imposed!
Leave any garbage, we do not have any garbage containers onsite.
Leave unattended a vehicle, trailer, etc.
No loitering or soliciting

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Ideas for Selecting the Right Size Unit

There are many ways and ideas to judge the proper size unit for the things you're looking to store.  Below are a few visuals that may help and are presented for reference purposes only.

Many things will affect how much you can store but some that top the list include how well you pack things, type of containers used, size and shape of items being stored and how efficiently you're able to position and stack your belongings.

We hope the following visuals help (Play the videos, the longest is 11 seconds):

5 x 10 => (50 sq-ft) Similar to a larger walk in closet.  Ideal for the contents of a small studio type apartment including several boxes, kitchen appliances, small mattress set, chairs, smaller entertainment center, motorcycle and alike.

10 x 10 => (100 sq-ft) Equal in size to half of a one-car garage.  Sized right for a one bedroom apartment including a large mattress set, appliances, dining set, chairs, couch, sporting equipment, bicycles and alike

10 x 15 => (150 sq-ft) Size equivalence to a typical 2 bedroom space.  Great for large screen TV's, couches, outdoor furniture, dining room set, appliances, mattress sets and more.

10 x 20 => (200 sq-ft) This larger sized unit is the size of a one-car garage and will store three bedroom equivalence including lawn and garden items, multiple appliances, mattress sets, furniture and much more.  Ideal for Business Storage as Well!

10 x 30 => (300 sq-ft) This big daddy is like a two-car garage and is our largest!  This one will typically store the contents of an entire home.  Ideal for relocating purposes or Business Storage as Well!

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